| March 31, 2017

NAIPTA is developing a plan for Mountain Line transit services in Flagstaff over the next five years, with the help of a transit planning firm Jarrett Walker & Associates. This transit planning project is expected to raise some difficult and interesting choices about what kind of services Mountain Line provides, and in what areas.

A key choice that will be explored is: Should Mountain Line focus its service in high-ridership areas, so that it can offer high frequency there? Or should Mountain Line spread out service so that most of Flagstaff has access to a little bit of transit?

Over the next several weeks, NAIPTA will be gathering input about transit priorities through a survey. We hope you take a few minutes to complete the full survey here:

The survey will be open through April 23, 2017.

Once the community vision regarding these key choices is understood, a proposed transit network will be drafted. The final plan will be approved by the NAIPTA Board of Directors this fall.

For more information, a Choices Report that includes more data and details about the existing conditions in Flagstaff is available here. Please keep an eye on NAIPTA’s Reports & Plans webpage for deliverables throughout the process.

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