Museum of Northern Arizona update for April 12 — 1086 families in Flagstaff with 7th or 8th grade students received a surprise gift in the mail from MNA – a two year family membership

| April 15, 2019
Dear Valued Museum Supporter,
Happy Spring! The past six months here at the museum were filled with events, programs, and a wonderful visit from actor Ted Danson reminiscing about his childhood at the Museum of Northern Arizona. A new generation of youths have the opportunity to explore and learn from the museum this year, thanks to family memberships provided through generous donations. The Colton’s and other Flagstaff community members who helped found MNA 90 years ago would be pleased with how the museum fulfills their vision of a museum as a center of community, a place where people of all backgrounds and ages learn and grow through the scientific research, artistic interpretation and sharing of cultures of the Colorado Plateau.
We continue to celebrate our 90th year, pushing for a goal of raising $90,000 to end 2020 in honor of our 90th birthday! As of today we are at $55,900 – MORE THAN HALF WAY THERE!! With your help, we can raise the rest before our birthday year ends in September.
Here is what we have been up to….
Recently 1086 families in Flagstaff with 7th or 8th grade students received a surprise gift in the mail from MNA – a two year family membership. This new program, called the Molly Blank Club, is a collaboration between MNA and The Molly Blank Foundation to give Title 1 students access to the museum and all it offers.
One mom called to thank the museum:
“I just opened an envelope with this absolutely lovely free membership through, I imagine, the very generous donation from the Molly Blank Fund. I couldn’t be happier and I’m so grateful for this and I just wanted you guys to know we can ride bikes or walk to the museum and we will.”
Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff also received the gift of a family membership to MNA, thanks to a collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club and funding from the Arizona Community Foundation. As part of that program, the students had the opportunity to meet the curators of the Pivot: Skateboard Deck Art exhibition and then create their own mini skateboards.
As one student was leaving the museum she was overheard asking “Mom, can I come back here for my birthday?”
We sure hope she does, and all year long as well!
To keep the museum and its programs active and alive, we ask for your ongoing support. As Ted Danson said, this museum is a jewel of the nation. Please Give
Your support allows us to:
• Care for and share the museum’s collections.
• Engage in active research about our region.
• Care for our facilities, including historic buildings.
• Offer camps and year-round workshops.
• Celebrate Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo culture.
• Present exciting programs and exhibitions.
Thank you!
Warm regards from the Development Team
The Mission of the Museum of Northern Arizona is to inspire a sense of love and responsibility for the beauty and diversity of the Colorado Plateau through collecting, studying, interpreting, and preserving the region’s natural and cultural heritage.


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