MSP Grades 7 – 12 Mathematics Professional Development Opportunity: Application Due September 20th

| September 19, 2016

A message from Cheryl Mango-Paget at Coconino County Education Service Agency,

Greetings High School Math Educators,

I am pleased to announce on behalf of Coconino County Educational Service Agency Office of Innovation and Development, Yavapai Education Service Agency and Northern Arizona University that we have a High School Mathematics Professional Development Opportunity. This secondary mathematics project is designed to build teacher engagement with understanding and implementation of Standards of Mathematical Practice and regular use of formative assessment as a tool to guide instruction through an in-depth conceptual focus built around the secondary Algebra and Functions strands, and Statistics and Probability categories of the Arizona College and Career Ready Mathematics Standards.

This professional development opportunity is for ALL educators who teach a high school mathematics course. This course will help prepare you to implement the ACCRS-M.


  • 32 hours of on-line Formative Assessment
  • 88 hours of face-to-face Professional Development
  • 24 hours in Lesson Design
  • $3,200.00 Stipend
  • Opportunity to purchase 6 graduate credit hours for less than $160 per credit hour
  • Professional Development Materials

TO REGISTER please apply at

Applications Due by September 20, 2016

Content development will focus on: 

  • Conceptual understanding & application of expressions, equations and inequalities as groundwork that leads to conceptual explorations and investigations of functions and modeling;
  • Examinations of definitions and characteristics of families of functions with an emphasis on multiple representations and authentic applications;
  • Development of tools and skills for conducting experiments, analyzing data, and making informed decisions using statistical methods;
  • The use of technology tools such as graphing calculators, online applets and an interactive whiteboard to further promote understanding and applications of functions in real world contexts;
  • Development of the Standards of Mathematical Practice to promote authentic engagement in the teaching and learning of mathematics;
  • Formative assessment tools (the fundamentals of learning, planning lesson learning goals and success criteria, intentionally eliciting and interpreting evidence of learning, pedagogical action in response to evidence including feedback, student involvement through peer and self-assessment, and engagement

For more information please open the flyer HERE!

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