METH 102, “What is Methamphetamine?” – A Workshop – August 18th

| July 25, 2014

Presentation August 18th 2014, 6 pm

Registration deadline is August 15th 5 PM MST
25 persons will be allowed to register. There is no Fee.
Free Meal will be served


1. Hopi Substance Abuse Program Meth 102
2. Guest Speaker, “What Meth does to friends and families”
first hand account.
3. Hopi Law Enforcement, “Drug Board Display.” Learning to Recognize
Drugs and Paraphenillia, “The now Trend.”

The Small workshop will start at 6 pm MST Dinner being served at 6 pm. Workshop begings at 6:30 pm MST and will last tille 8:30 pm MST

Age requirement is 18 years or older. 25 Registered persons will be allowed to attend the Workshop at the Upper Village of Moenkopi’s Community Center.

For more information or to register call 1-928-660-3542

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