Through May 12— 8-week online workshop for parents of trans, nonbinary and gender exploratory youth

| May 9, 2022

By Trans Intimate

FLAGSTAFF — An 8-week online workshop for parents of trans, nonbinary and gender exploratory youth, from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday starting March 24 through May 12.

$800. Payment plans and sliding scale available

Course payment includes 2 online courses: TransLiterate and Pronoun Project.

Our approach:

  • We use connection: We do not use shame, blame, or judgment to teach. 

  • We teach tools for supporting each other as parents for ongoing processing beyond our 6 weeks together.

  • We use questions as a way to get deeper into this material in a supported environment.

  • We notice what is in the room and adapt: We have many directions we can take our work based on what is most important to the parents in the room.

  • We use the body: the body holds our deepest wisdom around what is coming up for us supporting our gender expansive child. We invite folks in grounding practices and ask questions about what sensations we are noticing in our bodies throughout the time together.  

  • We meet you where you’re at, and push you to grow. Because parenting and gender are often stressful and vulnerable for folks to process in community, we use a trauma-centered focus in how we work. You get choice as to how you show up.

For more info about the longer program, visit


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