Low teacher salaries prompt Arizona schools to find creative recruiting tools

| November 9, 2016

By Carrie Jung • Marketplace

If you drive due east out of Phoenix for about 3 hours, you’ll eventually hit Thatcher, Arizona. Many people in this rural town make their living farming or mining. Teachers, however, are hard to find.

“We always need math and science,” said Carol McAtee, the principal at Thatcher High School. “The vocational courses, those are getting harder and harder to fill.”

She said finding and keeping good teachers is a challenge, especially in rural Arizona, for a lot of reasons. But McAtee explained much of it boils down to one, really glaring issue.

“Our salaries are certainly less than what teachers can get in the Phoenix and Tucson areas,” she said. “And of course when you compare that to other states, Arizona is at the bottom.”

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