Local funding outpaces state funding for Arizona schools

| October 19, 2016

By Lisa Irish • Arizona Education News Service • Arizona School Boards Association

The amount of local funding as a percentage of total funding for schools in Arizona has been increasing steadily for the past 22 years and is higher than the national average.

The portion of Arizona’s per pupil revenue from local sources grew from $2,391 in 1992 to $4,246 in 2014, or 77.58 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Yet, the state’s portion of funding for Arizona students increased just 61.60 percent from $2,086 in 1992 to $3,371 in 2014. Meanwhile, money for Arizona students from federal sources grew from $453 in 1992 to $1,168 in 2014, or 157 percent.

Arizona’s funding was following the upward national trend of increases in state funding until 2008 when the Arizona Legislature cut education revenues in response to the Great Recession’s impact on Arizona’s economy.

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