Local Education Spotlight — Coconino County Superintendent of Schools announces 2021 Spelling BEE Winner. See more local education news here

| March 2, 2021

Cheryl Mango-Paget, County Superintendent of Schools, would like to announce Coconino County’s 2021 Spelling BEE winner is Mae Ann Bradford from Basis.ed.

She was determined the winner after 2 tiebreakers were completed. Congratulations Mae Ann on winning the 2021 County Spelling Bee! You should be incredibly proud knowing your efforts and skills paid off and contributed to your recent achievement. Mae Ann will receive $250 from the Flagstaff Rotary Club and will move on to compete in the March State Spelling Bee.

The County BEE was held online February 11 through February 12, 2021. The 2 tiebreakers were held February 16 through February 19, 2021. Each participating school provided access to the online testing platform for each student participating. 

The 2nd place winner is Alex Swain from Sinagua Middle School and the 3rd place winner is Kyleigh Amos from Maine Consolidated School. Alex will receive $150 from Williams Rotary Club and Kyleigh will receive $100 from the Grand Canyon Rotary Club.

Thank you, Spellers, for a job well done! Keep up the hard work for next year!

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