Letters From Grandkids to Governor Ducey

| February 2, 2015

Children’s Action Alliance is collecting letters from children in Arizona addressed to Governor Doug Ducey to provide him insight on how children feel about their lives and futures and to keep children’s issues in the forefront of policymakers’ minds. The plan is to present all the letters to the Governor and will publish selected letters into a booklet that Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors will distribute to illustrate some of the issues of concern to Arizona kids.

The letters can be handwritten or printed or typed. They should include the child’s name, grade, and school, and be addressed: Dear Governor Ducey.

The letters are due by: February 6th, 2015.

Please email the letters to Dana Naimark at dnaimark@azchildren.org or mail them to Children’s Action Alliance, 4001 N. Third Street #160, Phoenix, AZ  85012.

Some ideas for topics in the letter include:

  • What’s your favorite thing about living in Arizona?
  • Describe something good and something not so good in your family or school and tell Governor Ducey what he can do to help you.
  • What’s one thing Governor Ducey should change for kids like you?
  • What would help you learn better in school?

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