Letter from Department of Child Safety Officials

| February 4, 2015

Below is a letter from the Department of Child Safety (DCS) Officials summarizing the agency’s accomplishments.

Dear DCS Colleagues:

One of the benefits we have in our jobs is visiting the local offices and seeing first hand all of the great work being done for Arizona families.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to get to know you better, to talk to you one-on-one and to answer any questions you may have.  One question we get asked frequently is “we keep hearing about changes coming, but when are they going to happen?” This is an excellent question and we are happy to share with you that many of these changes are going on right now.

In just the eight short months we have been an agency, there have been many accomplishments. It may be difficult at times to see all of it, especially when dealing with the stresses of daily workloads, but we can assure you, as evidenced in the many emails we’ve received, that fellow employees, the Legislature, the community and, most importantly, families are beginning to notice it. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • All of the 13,024 inactive backlog cases have been reactivated and you have already closed over 6,300 of those investigations. You have also assessed 975 cases as requiring a priority response, with 468 already assigned for investigation. Also, 350 of the priority reports have already been closed.
  • We recognize there are systemic challenges with inactive and active cases, so we are working to tackle those problems. We know improving processes will increase our ability to have more eyes on children and will allow us to better provide services.
  • Six hundred new laptops have been distributed to the field, making it much easier for staff to accomplish case management in the field. We are working to format and allocate the remaining 1,100 laptops and hope to have them distributed by the end of February.
  • Many of our contracts have begun to be rewritten with the recommendations of the Legislature and the Office of the Auditor General, which will help us receive and pay only for the services required and allow for more accountability.

There is much more detail in the attached document HERE.

We know, just as you do, that it will take a lot of continued hard work and dedication to get this Department to where we aspire for it to be. We also know that, because of you, we are on the right path.

It takes a lot to make dramatic improvements within an agency and your support is greatly appreciated. Just as it is with building a new house, we have to ensure our foundation, our infrastructure, is solid and secure before we implement additional changes and improvements. We want to make lasting improvements!

Through our efforts to ensure more open and direct communication with staff, we have heard from a number of you with ideas and suggestions on how to improve the Department. Rest assured, we are indeed listening and acting upon many of your suggestions. In fact, many of your ideas have been included in work plans and focus groups for implementation agency wide. Please keep sharing your ideas with us!

We have only just scratched the surface of the improvements at the Department of Child Safety. Together we will build an agency we can all be proud of, one where children are safe and families are strong. Together we will make a difference.

Thank you for all that you do!



Charles and Chad





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