Legislation – Additional Classroom Time for Kindergartners

| January 9, 2015

January 1, 2015 • Guest opinion • Arizona Capital Times

As school superintendents we would never propose eliminating fifth grade to save money. Yet such a far-fetched policy would hold much more water than short-changing those students representing the greatest return for our education dollar: kindergartners.

Working with the Arizona School Administrators Association, representing over 230 public school superintendents, state Sen. Jeff Dial and state Rep. Brenda Barton are proposing their “Additional Classroom Time for Kindergartners” legislation which, once law, will require every public school offering kindergarten to provide a full day, no-cost option for all parents. This legislation supports Governor Doug Ducey’s commitment that, “any new funding for public schools must go directly into the classroom, identifying what works and focusing on English literacy for all students in this state.” We support Governor’s Ducey’s goal and this proposed legislation.

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