A Great Letter – Special Election Now Over

| May 23, 2016
A letter from Leah Mundell to our AZ Representatives on funding for education:
Hi friends, I know the Prop. 123 election has been incredibly difficult for many of us. Now it’s time to move on to the election and make sure we are keeping the pressure on for real funding for education in Arizona. Here’s the letter I wrote to our representatives today. I encourage you to write one too (or forward this if you like it). However you decided to vote, it’s important that they know this is not enough!
Dear Representative Thorpe, Representative Barton, and Senator Allen,
I am a parent of two children in public schools in Flagstaff and an instructor at Northern Arizona University. I am a product of public schools myself, and I believe that education is one of the most important responsibility of government. Yesterday, I voted against Proposition 123, and I thought it was important to tell you why. It’s not because I don’t support spending on public education. It’s because our schools deserve much more and much better. They deserve every cent of the inflation funding that taxpayers directed you, our representatives, to send to our schools. They deserve a basic funding level that puts Arizona in the top 20% of states rather than the bottom. And that funding should come through a stable tax structure that requires Arizonans to pay our fair share instead of continually giving tax cuts to the most privileged in our society.
It has been very difficult to explain to my children why we as private citizens must abide by rules and laws while our state legislature can flagrantly disobey state laws upheld by the courts. I am asking you to please do your job and be a leader for the future of Arizona.
Leah Mundell

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