LAUNCH Flagstaff — Planning for the future

| March 26, 2020

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Dear Friend,
Life has changed and there will be more change ahead.
Connecting and convening existing resources and facilitating strategic solutions is what LAUNCH Flagstaff was created to do.
As the current health crisis unfolds, our children and their families will be impacted by new economic and social conditions that will add additional stressors into their lives.  It’s for times like this that community stakeholders came together to create LAUNCH Flagstaff back in 2013.  
LAUNCH Flagstaff has the right thought-partners and community leaders at the table to take collaborative action and mitigate these new stressors through coordinated alignment of existing resources.
The collective impact framework of LAUNCH Flagstaff positions our community to be effective in responding to the current crisis and meet future needs with swiftness and agility. We will respond to current conditions, mindful of our long-term goal of advancing equitable access to world-class education for every child in Flagstaff.  


Yours in community,


Paul Kulpinski
Partnership Director


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