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| July 5, 2017

By LAUNCH Flagstaff

Partners in LAUNCH Flagstaff have been busy over the past several months and momentum is building toward truly creating a community-wide culture of world-class education for all children and youth, cradle through their career.

Each month in this newsletter, I will shine the spotlight on three accomplishments by the Partnership over the past month as well as give you a preview about something that we are looking forward to in the next month. I thank you for being part of this exciting process that is the collective impact of LAUNCH Flagstaff.


A perfect example of the power of collective impact is the recent conversation between two LAUNCH partners, Coconino Community College and Flagstaff Unified School District, to explore creating a regional career training center for adults seeking post-secondary technical job training.

Momentum was boosted this month as the Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona (ECoNA) joined the conversation to help tap the voices of the business community, which will ultimately drive the scope and scale of the training programs that a center like this would provide.

The data show that the transition from high-school to a post-secondary career training experience is mired with obstacles that high-school graduates must navigate, often resulting in their frustration and abandonment of their career goals.  The outcome of this collaboration will help smooth this transition for these students.


A heartfelt thank you to The Wharton Foundation for expanding their financial support of the LAUNCH Flagstaff partnership for the next fiscal year starting in July 2017.

“The Wharton Foundation sees great potential in the collective impact of LAUNCH Flagstaff,” said Scott Pettitt, President of the Foundation. “This investment is a very effective way to leverage The Wharton Foundation as a resource in the community of stakeholders that LAUNCH represents,” he added.

The Foundation’s granting of $10,000 directly supports the infrastructure and operations of LAUNCH, with the funds helping to support the cost of staffing a Partnership Director.


On June 16, 2017, the LAUNCH Flagstaff Leadership Steering Committee met in an all-day retreat for discussion and strategic planning for the next 3-5 years. This video captures some of the discussion from the day.

LAUNCH Flagstaff Leadership Steering Committee Retreat June 16, 2017
The outcomes for the day included: making efforts for a deeper focus on the accumulation and storage of locally dis-aggregated data for use by the LAUNCH partners; continuing the development of a clear communication plan for both internal and external stakeholders; and further refinement of the organizational structure with emphasis on fiscal sustainability.

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