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| November 10, 2020

A world-class education is student centered.  When adults provide appropriate methods for students to explore their interests in alignment with high-expectations we can foster collaborative problem solving, critical thinking, social/emotional development, self-advocacy and self-expression – skills that employers in our community are demanding.
The Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) is a tool which has been in use in Arizona since 2008 but is only now becoming intentionally integrated in our student’s educational planning.   The ECAP is a tool through which students can articulate their interests and from which educators, parents and community members can provide the resources needed for students to activate that plan.
The choices in planning for a career include more than a 2 or 4-year degree.  Career training can also include apprenticeship, civic service, military service and a variety of other pathways to certification in a desired field.  However, less than 70% of Flagstaff area high school students enter into some form of post-secondary training or education in the year following graduation.
The partners of LAUNCH Flagstaff believe that by helping students explore a variety of career pathways in the middle grades and provide work-based learning opportunities in high school, students can better understand their interests and have basic knowledge of some potential compatible careers.  Once motivated by their own passion and vision, students can feel more confident in taking their next few steps toward a fulfilling future.  
We are working along three trajectories toward our goal of increasing the number of high school graduates successfully transitioning into post-secondary training toward a career in a desired field.

  1. Career Exploration Video Series
    • Supports career awareness in middle grades through high school with a library of video interviews with local professionals.  Along with predeveloped teaching resources, the video series can be used as a facilitated in-class element, an out-of-class assignment, or a supplemental resource available to students and families 24/7.
  2. Formalized work-based learning program for high schools
    • Partners are creating a Diversified Cooperative Education course as a vehicle for work-based learning experiences focused on the Arizona Professional Skills educational standards.
  3. Community-wide celebration and recognition of high-school senior capstone projects
    • Capstone projects are a multifaceted culminating experience designed to foster critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, planning, and self-sufficiency.  We believe that these efforts call for our entire community to celebrate and reward our students in new and unique ways.  
Watch a two-minute video highlighting this video series.  Click the image.
The Flagstaff Career and College Readiness Partnership was established in fall 2019 and is a growing and evolving group.  

Participating partners in this effort include:

In my next email I’ll show you how we are helping to strengthen the educational leadership and relationships among school administrators across Flagstaff.


Paul Kulpinski,
Partnership Director

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