Killip students embrace STEM

| February 4, 2015

February 01, 2015  • By Michelle McManimon • Arizona Daily Sun

Killip Elementary School fifth-grader Oscar Landa lights up as he explains how his classmates studied how the nitrates from fish waste can feed plants. Then, they designed a way to filter and pump water from a fish tank to a nearby aquaponic green wall, where tiny green pepper plants are starting to sprout from vertical planters filled with seeds.

This is the new face of education at Killip Elementary. Students learn by incorporating research, science, technology, math and engineering into hands-on projects rather than learning only from textbooks.

“It’s more fun,” Landa said. “I like books, but it gets boring when you just sit there for a long time. When you do STEM, you can experience things with your hands and make stuff.”

Killip Elementary is halfway through a pilot program that aims to turn the school into a fully functioning STEM academy by 2016.

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