KidsCare Coverage Starts Now!

| September 5, 2016

Children’s Action Alliance:

It was a hard-fought battle to lift the freeze on KidsCare, but Arizona families won. As of today, working families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, or AHCCCS) yet cannot afford the premiums, deductibles and co-pays of a private or Health Insurance Marketplace plan, can now get their children to a doctor as soon as they need one.

KidsCare has been frozen since 2010. AHCCCS estimates more than 30,000 children will qualify for KidsCare.

We know that it is good for kids, families and the community when children are healthy. They miss fewer classes, parents take less time off work and worry less when they know their kids’ health needs will be met.

Help CAA spread the word that KidsCare is back and encourage Arizona families you know to get help applying by scheduling a free appointment at or calling 1-800-377-3536. Computer-savvy parents can also apply by visiting and completing the process online.

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