K – 12 Funding Facts – Stay Informed!

| June 23, 2014

During campaign seasons, candidates and voters spend a lot of time talking about education and education funding. School financing is a key responsibility for Arizona’s governor and legislature. Here are five quick facts for the election conversation:

1. $3.8 billion in state funding is appropriated to K-12 operations for fiscal year 2015.

2. 46% of total general fund revenues will go to K-12 operations and capital.

3. The Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) data show a 25% drop in total state funding for K-12 education per student – a drop of $1,129 per student from 2008 to 2014 (adjusted for inflation).

4. US Census data show that in 2012, Arizona had the lowest school spending on administration per student of any state in the nation: $400 in Arizona compared to a national average of $779.

5. State tax credits for private school tuition more than tripled from FY 2000 to FY 2012 while total enrollment in private schools fell by 2%.

For more information, statistics, and resources to help you make informed decisions this election season, visit http://azchildren.org/

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