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| April 16, 2015

Children’s Action Alliance (CAA):

April 6, 2015

The legislative session is over, but we can’t let the grassroots protests about the bad budget decisions disappear. Write a short message to Governor Ducey today and join other Arizonans like you who want a better state budget for a brighter Arizona future. Together, we can keep the issues bubbling in the news and on social media – and building pressure for future change.

Governor Ducey and the state lawmakers who voted for the new state budget said they had to make painful cuts to child safety, education, and family security because putting the budget into structural balance is a top priority. But those same lawmakers immediately passed new tax cuts that will clearly and deliberately move the budget out of balance – without any plan to strengthen education for our future.

Now is our time to speak up loud and clear to tell our leaders to stop the tax giveaways and put more money into education. Join parents and grandparents, foster parents and teachers, seniors and millennials, business and community leaders, congregational committees and civic volunteers around Arizona to make our voices heard.

  1. Get a postcard with an Arizona picture; you can find them at any neighborhood drugstore.
  2. Write a short message to Governor Ducey.
  3. Sign your name and address.
  4. Stamp and send the postcard to Children’s Action Alliance at 4001 N. Third St. #160, Phoenix AZ  85012
  5. CAA will join with other community groups to deliver these citizen messages to the Governor with the media watching.

Don’t wait. Send your postcard by May 8th.

Your message to the Governor can include:

  • Invest in kids and education now
  • Stop the tax giveaways
  • Fiscal responsibility depends on both sides of the ledger
  • Arizona’s economy depends on educational success
  • Arizona families need a better budget
  • Stop skimping on child safety
  • Children are not a special interest


If you prefer, send the letters to CCC&Y directly they can mail them or drop them off to:

  • CCC&Y – CCPHSD 2nd Floor
    • 2625 North King Street
    • Flagstaff Arizona 86004

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