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| August 5, 2018

Have you ever wanted to become a foster parent but think you don’t have the time?  How about providing foster care once or twice a month?  If this sounds like something you could do, read on!

At times, we all feel stress and face challenges. Everyone needs a break, even children and their families.  At Child & Family Support Services,  they provide services for children who have behavioral health needs. Some of the services provided include counseling, direct support, and respite. Respite is an opportunity for rest and relief for the child and caregiver. At CFSS, they train and license Therapeutic Foster Parents to provide respite for children and their families who are experiencing high levels of challenge and stress. By providing respite, you would be gifting the family with time and space to take a break while you provide quality care to their child. This break may be just the thing that helps the family get the space, time and support they need to stick together rather than sending the child out of home.

Who are the children who need respite? They are children who have the same kinds of needs as all children (to be cared for, listened to, encouraged, given opportunities to learn and grow) but they have experienced trauma which has caused them to try to get their needs met in more challenging ways (running away, suicidal ideation, physical and verbal aggression, substance use, etc).

Perhaps you are thinking; how could I possibly help kids with this level of need? Providing them with a safe, predictable, nurturing, consistent place to spend a few hours or a weekend, with a caregiver that is attentive and ready to mentor and coach is a significant thing to offer. They also need opportunities to have fun and enjoy being a kid and you can definitely provide that!

In order to provide respite, you must be licensed by CFSS as a Therapeutic Foster Parent, which requires the following:

  • You must be at least 25 years old.
  • You need one year’s experience as a licensed foster parent, or
  • One year successful experience in child welfare, behavioral health, education, or a related profession. Successful experience means that you have been responsible for the well-being and safety of a child or adult with behavioral health needs for a minimum of 20 hours per week, or
  • Have a bachelor’s or graduate degree in health care, social work, psychology, or a related behavioral health field.

Help CFSS revitalize and strengthen local families; become a Therapeutic Foster Parent and provide respite. If this is something you would consider, get in touch with CFSS today!
(928) 707-3749

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