Job Openings at Flagstaff Shelter Services

| December 18, 2016

Flagstaff Shelter Services is hiring for the following positions:

Shelter Coordinator 

The Coordinator at Flagstaff Shelter Services has a responsibility to meet the basic needs of those clients staying at the shelter. These obligations include the following:
• Provide a safe environment;
• Promote fair and consistent treatment;
• Maintain a clean and healthy building;
• Create a professional environment free from racism, sexual harassment, prejudice, and other offensive behavior;
• Establish “professional only” relationships with clients.

Coordinators are responsible for the following objectives:

  • Team Leadership: By effectively guiding, educating, delegating, and communicating with assistants, coordinators will provide a positive environment and needed tools for assistants to be effective at their jobs;
  • Public Interaction: Coordinators will interact with outside resources, partners, and the public from time to time. All interaction with these groups will be professional, keeping the best interests of the shelter in mind.
    Service: Coordinators will provide quality service and supportive interaction to all clients in a compassionate and professional manner.
  • Efficiency: Workflow, and upholding Standards: Coordinators will ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are followed and all documentation is completed. Work will be performed in a cost effective and service oriented manner and performance of all work duties including attendance at all required staff meetings and training.

Essential functions of the job
• Ensure that all policies are followed;
• Complete Shift Reports;
• Enter Data for check-in for both HMIS and In-house methods for tracking clients;
Complete HMIS data quality control processes, if assigned;
• Monitor all SOP’s for the shift and delegate responsibilities to assistants as needed to ensure compliance.
• Delegate appropriate tasks to volunteers to help manage operations effectively;
• Communicate with the staff from the previous shift during shift change and summarize events to staff responsible for the next shift.

Job descriptions are coming for the following positions, but interested folks should email for more information in the meantime.

Homeless Transition Specialist

Housing Case Manager (job description at )

Fund Development Director

Interested parties should submit their resume and cover letter to

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