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| March 5, 2014

K-12 bills considered and passed today in House Committee of the Whole included:

HB 2319 (school boards; nonprofit organizations; formation) allows a school district governing board to assist in the legal formation of nonprofit organizations that promote the educational mission of the district and requires that nonprofit to reimburse the district for costs.

HCR 2018 (funding ballot measures; reauthorization) is a referendum that would put a Constitutional change on the 2014 General Election Ballot to require the reauthorization of prospective measures (after the 2014 General Election) after seven full fiscal years.

HB 2573 (schools; immunizations; registered nurses; posting), as amended by the Rep. Meyer floor amendment, requires districts, charters, and individual schools within a district with a website, to post online if a registered nurse is assigned to the school and an explanation of the manner in which pupil health issues will be addressed at the school and clinical credentials or licenses that person has or not; adds charters to the entities required to complete and file a report with the local health department regarding pupil immunizations; and requires districts, charters, and private schools with their own website to post online annually a report regarding pupil immunization.


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