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| April 10, 2014

The Arizona School Board Association is a great resource to find out what policies effect Arizona students, families, and schools. They provide a detailed outline of House and Senate bills. Below are current issues facing education in the state of Arizona.

College and Career Ready Funding

The State Legislature has proposed a new budget to appropriate $8 million to implement the new assessment and standards statewide. This proposal would shrink their voter-mandated responsibility to fully account inflation. The bill has passed out of the Senate, and has made its way to the House.

Committee of the Whole- K-12 Education

Student Success Funding – Removes the extra 0.4% ($13.86 per student) that was applied to the base level for all districts and instead institutes the statewide statutory formula that will be run for each district and charter to determine the monies it qualified for and requires a local fund be established to deposit those monies

All JTEDs funded at 100% (not just those with less than 2,000 students)

Current district sponsored charter schools will be allowed to continue and will receive the $33 million in Fiscal Year 2015; however, the next year, the rollback language to July 1, 2013 becomes effective.

SB 1102 (school facilities board revisions) 

Passed as amended. This bill modifies school district building reporting requirements, other SFB statutes, and allows certain child care facilities to use the SFB minimum school facility adequacy guidelines. This is now a technical bill

Please follow this link to find a summary of the most recent State Board of Education meeting. Among the topics covered are CTE credits for embedded math programs, the establishment of a JTED in Yuma, and A-F school letter grades.

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