HomeStyles: New Healthy Lifestyle Program for Parents of Preschoolers

| September 29, 2014

The U of A has a new program for parents of preschool children.  It’s been several years in development and worked with hundreds of preschool parents to glean strategies that really work for busy families to help them have healthy lifestyles.  The program is called HomeStyles.  It’s a no-cost, online program in BOTH English and Spanish designed for parents of preschoolers.

  • HomeStyles helps parents shape their homes and lifestyles to raise happy, healthy, and safe kids.
  • It includes a series of program guides that give quick tips and fun ideas from other parents and info from experts to help make small but effective changes in family lifestyles.
  • Parents choose from 12 guides over the next 12 months and decide on a few simple, easy changes to make. The tips can help any family, even those with busy lives and tight budgets!
  • It takes only 10-15 minutes to read each guide. Topics include: eating together as a family, rethinking beverage choices, dealing with picky eaters, chemical and pesticide safety, washing hands correctly, promoting adequate sleep and trading TV time for active play.
  • Families receive small gifts throughout the program to help them make their homes and lifestyles healthier, and can earn up to $125 by completing surveys about the changes they made.

For HomeStyles website, Click here.

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