Homeless and Runaway Youth Drive

| January 21, 2018

The Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth is collecting gift cards for our annual Homeless and Runaway Youth Drive.

Why gift cards? Last year, a young 16 year old girl faced the passing of her mother after endearing a difficult illness. Her school had received gift cards from the 2016 CCC&Y drive, and she was offered assistance. She was so excited to have money to purchase clothing and food for her and her cousins from Walmart. She cried and told school staff that no one had ever asked her what she needed in her entire 16 years on this earth.

This local school additionally notes,

“Blessings to this drive.”

All proceeds will be used in Coconino County to obtain gift cards that will benefit the local youth shelter/outreach program at Northland Family Help Center and various school districts’ McKinney–Vento homeless youth programs where cards will be used for homeless and runaway youth facing tremendous challenges.

Use this link to donate electronically or gift card, cash and check donations can be given/mailed at the below address.  This drive is so near and dear to our CCC&Y heart it is replacing any year-end, non-profit asking that we might have done.

Click here to donate

Please make any final donations to the Homeless and Runaway Youth Drive prior to January ending.  You may use the PayPal link or mail a check to our office.  Thank you so much for the generous donations we have received thus far.  This money goes directly to programs working with Homeless and Runaway Youth and offers such a life line to meet various needs in the moment.  Thank you!!

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