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| March 23, 2021
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Going Full Circle
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The chances of having a successful self-published book are pretty slim. Even “big” publishers need a hook. Here is ours: 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Going Full Circle will be given to nonprofits. And, the first 30 days proceeds will be awarded to one Northern Arizona nonprofit, click here for details.

My wife, Barbara, and I had a pretty amazing two decade run of successful nonprofit ventures in Flagstaff, Arizona: thrift store, free medical clinic, homeless outreach, a food pantry, fund raising, board creation and maintenance, as well as volunteer recruitment, training and management. In Going Full Circle, we share what worked and what didn’t. Though you may not adopt all of our ideas, we believe there are new ideas and concepts every nonprofit can use to make them be more effective – and user-friendly.   

Why wouldn’t you want to own a copy?

If we sell more books, we give away more money. And as we taught at Full Circle Thrift, even if you are not a recipient, a rising tide lifts all the boats. So please share this email with anyone you think might be interested. Or try “Going Full Circle” and send it to your entire mailing list.

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