Generation Z Forced To Grow Up During A Pandemic. See more national education news here

| March 24, 2020

By Martha Irvine • Associated Press • U.S. News & World Report

For Jalen Grimes, the virus pandemic is stirring up a slew of emotions. “Annoyed” is the first one the 13-year-old Chicagoan mentions. “Scared, confused, worried.”

She was supposed to be enjoying the end of her eighth-grade year, a rite of passage in states like Illinois, with a graduation and a school trip that are not likely to happen. That’s hard enough. But her father is also about to be deployed as a paramedic, a more dangerous than usual job in these times. Her mom, a therapist, also has been on call a lot and is prone to pneumonia. And then there are her grandparents.

“It’s a lot of fear with family members and stuff,” Jalen said. “I think a lot of us don’t think it will affect us, but it’s a worry.”

As this crisis unfolds, her generation likely will be tested like never before, especially those whose families are already on the edge, financially and health-wise.

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