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| May 3, 2017

By Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa • Arizona Daily Sun

The school year hasn’t ended and the new local minimum wage hasn’t taken effect yet but the Flagstaff Unified School District Governing Board is already considering budget options for the next fiscal year.

FUSD Director of Finance Scott Walmer presented the board with three budget scenarios involving the minimum wage increase to $12 an hour in July.

The district has more than 1,500 employees, including those who work programs that have their own funding sources. Approximately, 570 employees would see an increase in their wage to $12 an hour in July.

If the Board increased wages to be in compliance with the local minimum wage law of $12 in July, it would cost the district around $667,308 in fiscal year 2018. That number includes salaries, health insurance and the increased cost in custodial and food service contracts.

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