FTF is now accepting regional partnership council member applications

| January 4, 2022

By First Things First

Friends and Colleagues,

Do you know someone who is passionate and determined to make a difference for young kids in your community? If so, we need your help in recruiting them to serve as a volunteer on your local First Things First regional partnership council.
The 28 regional councils statewide are a vital part of helping First Things First fulfill our shared vision that every child will arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed. The regional councils identify the needs of children from ages birth to 5 in their communities. Then they work with community stakeholders to establish priorities and determine strategies to fund. Beyond these funding decisions, the regional councils build collaborations with local partners to help ensure the most efficient use of resources and achieve positive outcomes for young children.
There are regional council seats open across the state. The First Things First Board will make appointments to the regional councils at their May and June 2022 meetings. Each appointment is for a four-year term and the application is open to all eligible applicants. Regional council members must either live or work in the region they wish to represent.  
Serving as a volunteer member on one of First Things First regional partnership councils requires time, talent, leadership qualities and a commitment to building successful communities that support young children. The council membership represents a diverse group made up of members representing Arizona’s tribal communities, health, business, education, child care and philanthropy, as well as general “at large” community members.  Regional council members must have experience in the category for which they represent, as well as the dedication and tenacity to create change for young children in their communities. 
I am sure there are many individuals within your organization, or among your constituents, who would be ideal candidates. Please forward this information, and ask those interested to visit our website (FirstThingsFirst.org/serve) and to consider filling out an application for a position as an FTF regional council member. 
Thank you in advance for helping us find the best people to lead the work of First Things First and represent young children and families in our communities.

Kim Van Pelt
Chief Regional Officer
First Things First


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