Local Education Spotlight — Free classes at CCC this summer for high school seniors in Coconino County. See more local education news here

| April 4, 2021

High school seniors in Coconino County will be able to attend summer classes at Coconino Community College for free.

Thanks to COVID relief funding from the federal government, county high school seniors will be able to get a head start on a college education this summer.

“In keeping with our philosophy of ‘Students First,’ we are using as much of the federal funding as possible to help students get started in college right away,” said CCC President Dr. Colleen A. Smith. “There will also be funding to help students who have needed to take some time away from their college studies due to the many different impacts of the pandemic. Give us a call, or come see us so that you can gear up for summer and fall classes!”

CCC Provost Dr. Nate Southerland said, “This year’s graduating class has really been impacted by COVID, and we want to help them launch their college career successfully. Whether they need to take some remedial classes to catch up on their Math and English skills or get a head start on the classes required for their major, we want our graduating seniors to know that we are here for them.”

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