‘Flagstaff Tooth Fairy’ Jenny Zamora-Garcia awarded inaugural Northern Arizona Oral Health Hero of the Year award

| February 23, 2021

Photo by Jake Bacon. Courtesy Arizona Daily Sun.

By Brady Wheeler •  Arizona Daily Sun

It’s a poorly kept secret that Flagstaff has its very own Tooth Fairy. Not to be confused with the Tinker Bell-esque pixie that exchanges monetary gifts for lost teeth, the “Flagstaff Tooth Fairy,” dental hygienist Jenny Zamora-Garcia, takes on a much more significant role in the community.

Often sporting a glistening tiara, wearable wings and a formal dress, Zamora-Garcia is known for her costumes and decades of dental service to the community.

“People don’t know my name, but they know I’m the Tooth Fairy,” Zamora-Garcia said. “And when I’m not dressed, they’ll ask, ‘Why didn’t you wear your wings?’”

This year Zamora-Garcia was recognized for her efforts in dental health as the recipient of the inaugural Northern Arizona Oral Health Hero of the Year award.

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