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| November 2, 2016

By Flagstaff STEM City

We have a 15-minute presentation via this e-letter to share a vision of what STEM education means, and what it looks like in Flagstaff, aka STEM City. We urge you to follow these “steps” to develop a deeper understanding of what STEM education looks like in Flagstaff Schools.

Step 1STEM Education Overview presented in a less than 2-minute film.

Step 2: STEM in the Elementary Schools
Blog post by Lisa Winters on Killip Elementary’s field trip to Lake Mary at the culmination of a unit on the Earth’s spheres.

Step 3: STEM in the Middle Schools
Blog post about Kinney Construction Services, the most recent Scientist in the Classroom partner and business expert for the Future City program at Sinagua Middle School.

Step 4: STEM in the High Schools
Blog post about Flagstaff High School’s AP Academy working with resource managers to complete a crucial inventory at Walnut Canyon National Monument to develop a forest management plan for this unique and archaeologically-rich area.

These three examples demonstrate integrated, hands-on, relevant, real-world STEM learning that can lead to applications of that knowledge to solve issues from community to global scales.

While these three examples are from FUSD schools, local charter and private schools also work keenly to increase STEM opportunities for their students. We solicit STEM Stories for our blog posts and e-letters. Please send your STEM Stories to the STEM Coordinator.

…Read the full STEM City newsletter HERE


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