Flagstaff Festival of Science — Scientists in the Classroom Inspire Awe and Wonder

| November 22, 2022

As students file into their 4th grade class at Sechrist Elementary, a photo of molten lava is streaming out of a volcano. “Volcanoes are Awesome!” is written across the top. There is a presenter at the front of the class that the kids aren’t familiar with, but that cool photo with hot lava catches their attention! Today, volcano expert, Greg Vaughan, is speaking to the class today about his work.

“What is a volcano?” he asks. Hands across the room shoot up. “Yes,” says Greg pointing to a student. “A mountain with lava inside;” “A mountain that was formed by tectonic plates and the magma has erupted.” He asks them what comes out of volcanoes and students guess ash, lava, smoke. Greg passes around ashes and a “volcano bomb” and each student can touch and hold items that were once inside of volcanoes!

Today’s presentation is one of dozens taking place this semester as a part of the Festival of Science where local STEM professionals go into classrooms and open students’ eyes to the possibilities of becoming scientists when they grow up! “Any one of you could be a scientist one day if you wanted to! Find something you love and do that. I found geology. I love volcanoes. The other thing I love to do is come to classrooms to talk to kids!” Greg tells the class.

Read the full story from Greg’s visit on our blog!

The Festival’s Educational Initiatives bring scientists into classrooms each year. One single moment of inspiration can change a student’s future and YOUR GIFT can make that inspiration happen and ensure that we continue to innovate in science education.

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