First Things for Parents

| January 14, 2018

First Things First released their January 2018 Newsletter for parents – follow the links of each title to read more!

Sharing takes understanding
Sharing is a big, complex concept for young kids. They aren’t able to develop the skills to share until they’re ages 3 or 4, or even older. Find out why.

Podcast: Caring for your child’s teeth
Listen to a conversation with pediatric dentist Dr. Jeanette MacLean about what parents of young kids should know about preventing tooth decay.

Home safe home
Childproofing helps provide a safe place for your little one to explore and learn. Here are some tips to help create and maintain a safe environment.

Be a voice for young kids: Parent volunteer seats open
You are needed to help impact the early childhood services and programs available to young kids in local communities across Arizona.

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