First Things First — What makes your child unique?

| March 9, 2021
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March 2021

Positive Parenting: Celebrate your child’s strengths
Every child is unique, and every child needs someone who loves them for who they are. Noticing and celebrating your child’s strengths is an important part of positive parenting, so we asked Arizona parents what makes their little one special.
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Top 5 tips for reading with your toddler
Reading with your toddler is quality time together. Sharing books also helps them develop the language skills and vocabulary they’ll need to be a good reader later on. Check out the video highlights and expert commentary.
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Is fluoride good for your child’s teeth?
When you hear the word fluoride, you probably think about toothpaste. But what exactly is fluoride? What does it do? And is it good for your young child’s teeth? Fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter. In toothpaste and drinking water, it makes teeth stronger and prevents tooth decay.
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How to find a dentist in your AZ community
Starting from age 1, regular dental check-ups help keep your child healthy and smiling. But finding a dentist for your young child can be difficult. If you have dental insurance or not, we have some information that can help.
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