First Things First — Top plays from the parents playbook

| February 4, 2020

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February 2020

The Super Bowl is over, but for families with young children, parenting season never ends. Here’s some info and resources to help you support your child’s healthy development.
Most Valuable Parenting
This episode of FTF’s Parents Playbook is about being in the zone. Time is tight for most parents, but just a little of your focused attention goes a long way. Check out the video for some quality parenting highlights.
Seeing the Field
Your child’s vision plays a big part in their learning. Keep an eye on their vision health with regular vision screenings from your doctor or healthcare provider.
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Single Coverage
More than one-third of children under age 6 in Arizona are being raised by single parents. Lowering stress and building more community connections can help single parents do their best.
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