First Things First release 2019 Annual Report

| September 24, 2019
Dear First Things First Friends, Partners and Champions:

When Arizonans created First Things First (FTF), they envisioned an organization that would work with communities and families to promote school readiness for our youngest children. I am so pleased to be able to report to you on our success in realizing that vision, and to be able to thank you for the role you play in improving outcomes for children birth to age 5 across Arizona.

Impacting Young Lives Throughout Arizona is FTF’s annual report for 2019. It is full of information about the impact of early childhood investments including: ongoing improvement in early learning; ensuring access to quality early childhood programs for thousands of children statewide; and working with state agencies to enhance collaboration and avoid duplication.
The report also identifies how FTF is maximizing early childhood funds, including using data to strategically plan our spending and partnering with business, philanthropy and policymakers to identify ways we can all invest more in young kids.

Lastly, the report reminds us of the ongoing challenges young children face so that we can be more committed than ever to the task of getting children ready for success in kindergarten and beyond.

I hope you will read the report to learn more about how we are Impacting Young Lives Throughout Arizona. But, more importantly, as you read through those pages, I hope that you see yourself – your work and your voice – reflected in many of those successes. Thank you for all you do on a daily basis to ensure our youngest children are ready for school and set for life!


Gerald Szostak
Chair, First Things First Board



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