First Things First October Update

| October 21, 2018

Courting better outcomes for young kids in foster care
As infants continue to be the largest group of children to enter foster care, it’s imperative to address the negative impact of abuse and neglect on these very young children and protect them from further harm. Read about why First Things First supports a Court Teams strategy designed to help improve outcomes for infants, toddlers and their families in the child welfare system.

Early educator selected as finalist for Teacher of the Year
For the first time in two decades, a preschool teacher has been selected as a finalist for the Arizona Teacher of the Year program.

The Arizona Education Foundation (AEF) recently announced Maria Barker, a preschool teacher at Red Mountain Center for Early Education in Mesa Public Schools, as one of this year’s five Ambassadors for Excellence.

Read more about this growing recognition that early learning is an essential part of the education continuum which offers a critical opportunity to “lessen gaps later,” Barker said.

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