First Things First — An Uncertain Future For Child Care 

| August 18, 2020

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August 2020

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An uncertain future for child care in Arizona

A reported 34% of child care providers remain closed since the pandemic began. Many families will depend on child care to be able to return to work, without it, experts fear the state’s economic recovery is in jeopardy.

Read about the setback

New tool to help families identify developmental milestones

The new Ages and Stages online tool, which is available in English and Spanish, has information to help families understand what to expect at each step of their child’s development, from baby to toddler to preschooler. It can also help identify potential concerns about their development.

Check out the tool

Great Expectations program keeps Tucson preschool teacher forever learning

Preschool teacher Ysidro Holmes is flourishing, thanks in part to support and mentoring form the Great Expectations program, funded through First Things First. He’s created lasting bonds with other educators and engaged in professional development that makes him a better teacher.

Learn about the program

News Round-Up

News about early childhood around Arizona and across the U.S.

Why are child care programs open when schools are not?
The New York Times, August 7
As more public schools are moving to remote learning, child care programs and after school providers in major cities are taking in more children of families who cannot work remotely. The duality of the conversations around child care programs and public schools is rooted in a perceived gap between what “care” and “education” mean.

Rhian Evans Allvin, the chief executive of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, said: “There is a path forward where early childhood education can both be a valued and revered profession, and we can honor care at the same time.”

Parents: It’s ok to give yourself a break while caring for children during coronavirus pandemic
12 News, July 16
For parents juggling child care and work from home, it can mean a lot of extra stress. Parents need to take time for themselves, said Kat Willard, a family support expert with First Things First. Two blogs on the FTF website, one for moms and another for dads, outline ways to get that break.
‘Not enough time’: Census workers fear rushing count could botch results
National Public Radio, August 11
With 50 days left to count every person living in the U.S., Census Bureau workers around the country are facing what many consider an increasingly impossible mission. The Census Bureau announced that all the counting efforts would end a month early on Sept. 30. Children under age 5 were the most undercounted in the 2010 Census.
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