Federal Report Just Released – Spending Per Student In Arizona Continues To Be Among The Lowest Of All The States

| June 25, 2014

Arizona’s spending per student ranks 47th with 46 other states spending more per pupil .The annual publication from the U.S. Census Bureau, Public Education Finances:2012, reported that Arizona spent $7,466 per pupil in FY 2012. Arizona ranked 47th with only Oklahoma at 48th, Idaho at 49th and Utah at 50th spending less.The national average was $10,608 per student with Arizona spending $3142 less per student than the national average. Spending in Arizona would have to increase by just over 42% to move us to the national average.With over one million students in Arizona this would require a spending increase of over $3 billion. In fact, Arizona is moving away from the national average. In FY 2011 we were $2894 below and for FY 2012 we are $3142 below.

For more information visit: http://www.aasbo.org/


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