Expect More Arizona — Understanding How Positive Community Factors Can Help Mitigate The Impacts Of Adverse Childhood Experiences

| July 21, 2020

By Virginia Watahomigie, Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth (CCC&Y)

Research shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, contribute to the likelihood of substance abuse and other health concerns later in life. Unfortunately, Arizona ranks higher than the national average for children who have experienced ACEs. These can include childhood traumas such as abuse and neglect. In fact, according to the Arizona ACE Consortium, “It is estimated that nearly 70,000 children in Arizona have more than five ACEs.”

As ACE exposure goes up, the risk for negative outcomes such as substance abuse also goes up. For example, the rate of alcohol abuse jumps from a one in 69 chance to a one in six chance for individuals who have experienced seven or more Adverse Childhood Experiences. The rate of intravenous (IV) drug use is even more startling, going from a one in 480 chance to one in 30.

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