Expect More Arizona, the Center for the Future of Arizona launch Arizona Education Progress Meter

| February 3, 2016

By Expect More Arizona

After years of discussion among community leaders, educators and policy makers about how to improve education in Arizona, Expect More Arizona and the Center for the Future of Arizona have launched the Arizona Education Progress Meter to provide a roadmap for success.

The Arizona Education Progress Meter represents key milestones on the path to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all Arizonans. The progress meter utilizes the most current data available to create a simple, visual way to assess the status of education, both for the state as a whole and for individual counties where available. Each indicator includes additional resources, examples of excellence and ways to take action.

An unprecedented collaboration of government agencies, nonprofits, education and business groups from around the state have endorsed the set of key metrics, which support a shared vision for a world-class education in Arizona.

Use the Arizona Education Progress Meter to track progress in our state and in your community.

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