Expect More Arizona: High Standards to Remain in Arizona Schools

| March 25, 2015

March 23, 2015 • Expect More Arizona

Last Friday, Governor Ducey announced the names of the five individuals he has appointed to the Arizona State Board of Education. The board members require approval by the state legislature, but can begin to serve immediately.

The full board convened for the first time this morning and Governor Ducey attended the meeting to share his vision for K-12 education in Arizona, expressing a desire to focus on improving outcomes for all of Arizona’s students.

Governor Ducey recommended the Board keep the standards we have in place today and conduct a comprehensive review of the current English Language Arts and mathematics standards to ensure that they are best for Arizona’s students.

We appreciate the Governor’s approach to review the standards and continuously improve them rather than start from scratch. These higher standards have been in classrooms for the last four years, and Arizona’s teachers and students have been making strong academic progress with them in place. It would be disruptive to student progress and wasteful of taxpayer resources to start over again.

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