Expect More Arizona calls for action in support of JTED/CTE

| August 12, 2015

By Expect More Arizona

Dear World-Class Education Partners:

We’ve been hearing a lot of feedback about the $30M cut to JTEDs and their partner districts in the FY17 budget from the JTED/CTE community and business leaders. This cut was made during the legislature’s budget process in the dark of night without feedback from those it impacts most.

We think it is essential for the Governor and the legislature to hear how important the JTED funding is and how the cut of $30M will have devastating effects on delivering CTE in Arizona, our future workforce and our economy.

We’ve created a call to action to support the JTED/CTE community in providing feedback to the Governor and legislature on this issue. Below is a draft email with a link to an online tool that can be used to easily send a message to the Governor and legislature, which can be personalized.

Will you send a quick note to the Governor and your legislators to ask them to restore JTED funding?  

Please send the send the call to action to your networks. Please send it to CTE, JTED, business leaders, community college, local workforce investment boards, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, and anyone else who may have an interest. A sample email is included below to share with them. Please let us know if you need anything else.

Email to send to your networks

Subject: We Need Your Help

As you know, during this year’s budget negotiations, a $30 million in cut was made to Joint Technical Education Districts (JTEDs) and their partner school districts for FY17. Governor Ducey and members of the legislature need to hear from you about how important this funding is!

These cuts will decimate Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that have proven extremely valuable for Arizona students and the economy.

Will you email you email the Governor and your legislators today to tell them to restore the $30 million in next year’s budget?

Thank you for your help!

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