Effectively Communicating About STEM

| November 9, 2015

The Noyce Foundation has three new resources to help you communicate more effectively about STEM learning:

  1. The Power of Explanation: Reframing STEM and Informal Learning: This FrameWorks Institute MessageMemo outlines a rigorously tested, highly effective strategy for building public understanding and will on STEM learning issues, while also supporting a broader reframed narrative about education as a public good. It includes essential insights for anyone working to make the case for greater support for an ecosystem of STEM learning opportunities.
  2. Telling the STEM Chapter of the Education Core Story: A Communications Toolkit. This toolkit from the FrameWorks Institute models how to apply the recommendations to a variety of communications – from tweets to editorials – and offers other tools that illustrate the recommendations in the MessageMemo.
  3. How to Speak STEM-ish: This resource from the Afterschool STEM Hub takes the research findings and strategies developed by the Frameworks Institute and serves them up as a set of ready-to-go communications and advocacy materials, including infographics, fact sheets, ppt slides, an animated explainer video, and more.

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