Education Spotlight: One hundred days for Fredonia School Superintendent Gilmore. See more local education news here

| December 9, 2019

Tod Gilmore, the new Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District Superintendent, poses with Kacin Perez, one of the students at Fredonia Elementary School. Photo courtesy of the Southern Utah News

By Daisy Johnson • Southern Utah News

FREDONIA — … (Tod) Gilmore sees his initial tenure here as three 100-day periods. The first 100 days he has spent “getting to know the Fredonia way.”

Essentially observing and learning how things are done, and why. He asks, “Do we do things the way we’ve always done because it’s the best and proven way to do something? Or is it an inertia issue that we need to look at as a community?”

Gilmore believes graduates of FHS should know they have no limits, should know what their dreams are, and be equipped to actualize those dreams. He feels this is a virtue of being a smaller high school, “we have an incredible ability to really know our students, and the smaller class sizes can be very powerful if we take advantage of it.”

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