Education advocates urge Governor, Legislators to make teachers’ pay raises a priority. Please see related stories

| January 25, 2017

By Lisa Irish • Arizona Education News Service • Arizona School Boards Association

Two Arizona Teachers of the Year presented Gov. Doug Ducey with a letter Monday afternoon from public education advocates asking him and legislators to put all new K-12 investments into teacher salaries to help relieve the teacher shortage.

Arizona business leaders are concerned about the teacher shortage, which they believe is made significantly worse by Arizona’s low teacher pay compared to the rest of the country, said Dick Foreman, president and chief executive officer of Arizona Business & Education Coalition.

“I can’t imagine any business CEO would think that a salary raise of $185 a year would change the teacher shortage in any meaningful way,” said Dana Wolfe Naimark, president and chief executive officer of Children’s Action Alliance. “We believe Arizona will make more progress by investing all the identified funds in teacher salaries, plus taking a pause in our 25+ straight years of tax cuts.  It’s time to make teachers a top priority so that they can help students succeed.”

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