Early Childhood Intervention: The Power of Family

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Ninety percent of a child’s brain develops in the first three years. Brain development depends on the quality of relationships and interactions in a child’s life and the learning environment that surrounds them.

What happens to children with developmental delays or disabilities during that period? What about children whose families simply lack the resources or skills to know how to help their child during this period?  Early Childhood Intervention offers help to these children and their families.

Early Childhood Intervention is a system of professional services for young children with developmental delays, disabilities, atypical behaviors, social and emotional difficulties, or young children who are very likely to develop a delay before school entry.

Services are based on the family’s priorities and the child’s needs, and are delivered in the child’s natural environment including the home, inclusive childcare center, kindergarten, community center, play-groups, and other settings where children without disabilities can be found. Intervention turns everyday interactions into opportunities for children to learn, grow and develop while helping alleviate family stress.

Early Childhood Intervention is important in an open society because it allows children with delays or disabilities to become full and active members of their societies. Intervention helps avoid socially and financially costly alternatives still  common in some countries, such as life in an institution.

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