Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness

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Few social issues have perplexed Americans like homelessness. Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness changes that. This reader-friendly handbook is for those puzzled, concerned, impatient or oblivious about homelessness.

Take a look at this great excerpt from Diane Nilan’s Book giving some of the many causes of Homelessness.

The result is that during this year over 1% of this nation’s population, 3.5 million individuals and family members, will find themselves homeless in this land of plenty. Millions more teeter at the edge of homelessness. It is inexcusable, in the richest country in the history of this world, especially as you get to know the human side of the suffering and the toll it takes on the individuals, their loved ones and their communities. For those who wonder how homelessness happens to so many people, some commonalities exist. Becoming homeless takes many roads, often winding around and crossing over the same paths, including:

  • Family loyalty, love and/or resources failed when a person’s addictions, medical crises, mental illness and/or any combination of personal struggles become too overwhelming.
  • Relationships, seemingly made in heaven, find their way to hell, either destroying those most vulnerable or shattering future dreams, thus creating painfully real nightmares.
  • Job loss, which destroys the household income stream, upends the most-often fragile economic stability, adding emotional turmoil and all that accompanies that condition.
  • …………………


This book and other HEAR US materials are available by visiting the HEAR US website

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