Cost of Each Class of AZ Drop Outs? $7.6 Billion in Lost Economic Activity…

| June 30, 2014

Mayor Greg Stanton and several Valley mayors released THIS RESEARCH REPORT today, which measured the economic impact of high school dropouts in Arizona.

Key takeaways from the study include:

·     Each Arizona high school dropout results in a $421,280 loss in economic activity over his or her lifetime.  This figure includes lost earnings, increased health care and crime-related costs, lost economic productivity and lost tax revenue.

·     In the City of Phoenix, the number is higher: each dropout results in a $463,500 economic loss – creating a $1.42 billion economic loss per graduating class.

·     In Arizona, each dropout will earn $271,040 less over the course of their lifetime than counterparts who graduate.  Dropouts face higher risks of unemployment and economic insecurity.

·     Each dropout will cost taxpayers an additional $98,520 more in crime-related expenses over the course of their lifetime.

·     Of the $7.6 billion in Arizona economic loss, $1.5 billion represents lost revenue and increased expenses for state and local governments.

·     In 2012, Arizona’s disconnected youth population – that is, young people who are neither in school nor working – was 183,200, or 22 percent of population aged 16 to 24.  This disconnected population results in an aggregate economic loss of more than $127 billion.

Read the full article from AZ Ed News, a service of the Arizona School Boards Association, HERE.

The full report is available HERE.

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